Picture of C.E.O Michael Vien

Michael Vien C.E.O Programmer/Analyst Web Designer/Developer

From the beginning to now

Let’s start with the year 1984: the Commodore Vic 20 (Personal Computer) was on its way out and the Commodore 64 was the way to go. Michael was 35 years old and had 3 children, the oldest was 10 and the youngest was 5 and all they wanted for Christmas present was one of those sound and video game machine.

The family acquired the famous Commodore 64 for about $900.00 and this was the first step in his new career.
His brother in law, Jim, copied a bunch of software for him, but Michael couldn’t get anything out of this software called Basic; he called Jim who informed him that it wasn’t a game and that it is a software to program the Commodore 64 to make sounds and text or graphics to appear on the screen. Next day Michael bought a book and started programming.

In 1992, Michael took a 2 year correspondence course as a Programmer/Analyst, which he completed in 11 months; he received his diploma with the school “Highest Honor”. He had been very successful in Sales Marketing and Management and is also bilingual.

He received multiple awards in those fields and it became difficult to find work being afflicted with the “You are too much for this job” tag: so he started his own business “Virgo Computing” and accepted contracts as a programmer. Michael coded a mathematics table software for schools called “Arithoid”, which allowed the user to play a small game after completing an assignment with a minimum of 90%. As a programmer he also coded a software called “PrintHit” to print out checks and a database to keep the information.

He also custom build PC and went on to operate a desktop publishing company and made a living, within the IT universe.

First as a hobby, he learned to design and code HTML Web Pages using old techniques of Tables and Forms, then he enlisted into a Web Design course and is proud to have a Diploma as a proof that he is a genuine Web Designer. Michael decided he would form his own company. He knew a lot of people working within the World Wide Web and selected only the best in their respective field to work with him to satisfy the growing demand for Top Performance Responsive Web Design. That is all About Us!


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