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Grammy Grace Bakery

Valentine Day Special: $15.00 for a super Heart Shape Cake


All about craft beer

Get Wild!

A Tiger moves into the web Page. Fun!

Move Cursor on any pictures above to freeze slide.

ToEinstein Designers and Graphic Artists are living on the edge, ready to design your web page, giving you a strong Web Presence!

At ToEinstein we believe that every business needs to be present on the World Wide Web. Our survey demonstrated that more than 9 people out of 10 first look up to the Internet to find a business address and telephone number. Compare: an Add in the yellow pages will annually cost you double the price of a complete Website. In short, for half the price of a Yearly Phone Book add, you get a complete website; the following years, you only pay maintenance and hosting fees.

Our C.E.O. has been a Programmer since 1984 and is still devoted to the world of computing. We only associate ourselves with top qualified Graphic Artists, Web Designers, Web Developers and Programmers.

Adaptive and Attractive Designs!

When your customers search for your Website, they will likely be using a cell phone or a tablet and this is an area where we can help. Why? Because on a cell phone, we design what is called "Responsive Website Design". This term is mostly understood by Designers and it means that the design will adapt to the screen-size, only showing important data and dumping unnecessary pictures and long or large text.

Tablets of all sizes are also a strong developing field and our "Responsive Design" does it perfectly, every time.

As you can see, with "" the sky's the limit. Just remember to have fun!

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